What We've Been Up To!

 Elizabeth, founder of EHS, speaks to the audience at the 2018 Touring Career Workshop.

Elizabeth, founder of EHS, speaks to the audience at the 2018 Touring Career Workshop.

What We've Been Up To

We'd like to give an extra special thanks to the Saving Grace Project for having us out at their annual fundraiser as well as Belmont University and GrammyU for having us at their mental health seminar and Showcase Series! 

EHS is pioneering research on mental health in the entertainment industry to better understand experiences, how to help, and prevention for mental health issues. Although such research has been done in other countries, there is little to no evidence of collecting data on mental health in entertainment here in the States.

Needless to say, the more participants we have, the better we are able to assess the pulse in the entertainment industry and assemble useful information for those in the industry. Our goal is to have at least 2,000 participants for the initial survey. Our surveys are confidential for those completing them and data collected will maintain anonymity in outcomes reports.

If you want to participate or share with others, you can check it out here! - http://bit.ly/ehssurvey2018  

Digital Detangler Workshop

Our latest workshop is something we can all relate to! If you're looking to decrease your stress and screen time, especially in the workplace, this could definitely help you out! 

The Cost of Technology on Mental Health in the Entertainment Industry


Elizabeth Porter, Founder of EHS

Pete Dunlap, Founder of Digital Detangler

Reducing Stress, Crisis, and Distraction

Whether or not you understand your digital habits, they have a massive impact on your mental health and creativity. By taking time to understand your relationship to your tech, you’ll empower yourself to make better choices. Since we spend more time on devices than we spend asleep, tweaking the way you use technology opens up vast portions of your overbooked schedule. If you struggle with trying to keep up with it all but can’t seem to disconnect, we’ll help you find the balance. By implementing the strategies we cover, your employees will experience less burnout and more creativity.

Workshop Details:

This workshop will analyze the effects of social media and technology on mental health, especially in the workplace. The CDC lists stress as the #1 health issue at work. Our intention is to reduce this stress while limiting distraction, comparisons, and time spent looking at screens.

This workshop is designed for 5-6 hours, but can be adjusted for
shorter durations!

Workshops are led by Elizabeth Porter, a licensed counselor with more than a decade in the entertainment space. Having spoken at events like Touring Career Workshop and been an entertainer herself, she has grown a successful practice by focusing on needs specific to entertainers and those who support them. Pete Dunlap, a former educator and software engineer, delivers practical tactics for nudging yourself toward technology experiences that reflect your intentions, instead of your impulses.

If you're interested in our workshops, please reach out to contact@ehsnashville.com!

Touring Career Workshop's All Access Program 

A big thanks to Touring Career Workshop for having us out at their awesome event November 13! We got to share some exciting news about our research on mental health. 

Not only did we get to check out the everything the workshop had to offer, we learned about how TCW is helping industry professionals with their mental health. 

At EHS, we're no strangers to the fact that a career in entertainment can be very taxing on mental health, and we love learning about endeavors that work to remove barriers. Touring Career Workshop's All Access Program will pay for four sessions with one of their selected life coaches or therapists for touring professionals. Most importantly they keep it confidential and simple; they just receive the bill from the provider with none of your personal information attached. If you're struggling and need some help, check out their program at