June 8-11th, 2017

EHS is excited to be a sponsor for this great @centerstagemagazine event! Amazing lineup and for 4 fantastic charities (@americancancersociety @autismspeaks @heartsongs4vets @crohnscolitisfoundation )! June 8-11 @alleytaps during #cmafest to highlight some of Nashville's great #indiemusic ! #nashville

Holding Hope in the Entertainment Industry

EHS's President, Elizabeth Porter, writes on maintaining hope in this months NSAI newsletter. Article can be found HERE 


Entertainment health services in the news

Fox 17 Nashville News interviews EHS President Elizabeth Porter and musician, Alicia Michilli, on common stresses related to the Entertainment Industry and EHS.


Demi Lovato and Congress

Demi Lovato pushes Congress for Mental Health reform; relating her own struggles with mental health.


entertainment industry and mental health:

Laughing in the Dark

Chonda Pierce, Top Selling Female Comedian, releases new movie based on her book, Laughing in the Dark. In this documentary, Chonda speaks about her struggle with depression and the great sacrifices that came with being an entertainer on the road.


EHS Nashville Elizabeth Porter